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May 23rd Weekly Update

May 16th Weekly Update

FMCT Simulation Day – June 2017

Welcome to our first Race Simulation Day of the 2017 season! This event provides an opportunity to practice as many parts of the multi-sport experience as you want, in a similar setting to what you would experience on race day (hopefully with fewer nerves though). You are welcome to come to swim bike and run, or swim and run, or swim and bike, or bike and run. Our two NCCP certified coaches will be available to provide assistance and advice.


Event Details

When: Sunday June 4th, 2017 from 8am to 1:00pm

Where: Professors Lake, 1660 North Park Dr, Brampton

Open to members and non members of FMCT club.

This event is sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario, thus all participants must provide proof of active TO membership. Participants without a TO membership will be able to purchase a one-day access for $8 and by signing a TO waiver. Click here to download this waiver.

There will be no water stations on the bike and run courses, but water and Gatorade will be provided in the transition area. Participants are welcome to come through at any time during the event to get a drink.

A small “race-kit” including a bib will be provided to all participants.

Please arrive 30 min before the start of your event to set up your spot in the transition area and make yourself familiar with the venue.  All participants must check into the Transition area before starting their event.

Coaches will be available from 8am until 8:30am to provide assistance in transition.


FMCT Members:

  • Simulation Day (Triathlon, Aquathon, Duathlon) – free + $10 for the swim if you are not already signed up for the OWS


  • Simulation Day (Triathlon, Aquathlon) – $5 +$10 for the swim if you are not already signed up for the OWS + $8 for one-day TO fee if you are not already an active TO member
  • Simulation Day (Duathlon) – $5 + $8 for one-day TO fee if you are not already an active TO member

Interactive Map

Course Details

Transition Area

  • Transition opens at 8am and will remain open until the final participant has completed the event
  • Location: Just off the pedestrian path to the right of the Professor’s Lake Beach (look for the FMCT banner)
  • Will contain a bike rack and a table with water and Gatorade, as well as bananas and pretzels.

Swim Course

  • Swim start time: 8:30am at Professor’s Lake Boathouse
  • Wetsuits are optional
  • Swim will be clock wise, with buoys on your right
  • 750m course around the 3 orange buoys
  • You can do as many loops as you wish between 8:30am and 9:30am

Swim course

  • There will be a distance of approximately 250m from the swim to the transition area along a paved pedestrian path

Bike Course

  • Bike start time: All participants will be able to start at any point after 8am once they are set up and ready. The Coach-led ride will depart at approximately 9:30am
  • Start location: transition area, but must walk your bike to and from the mount/dismount line
  • Bike options are 34km/50km/66km/82km. Maps will be posted in the transition area, please make yourself familiar with the bike course before you start. Irina and Zindine Souiki will each lead the 40km and 60km routes respectively, and you are invited to join them
  • Bike helmets are mandatory and must be fastened at all times while handling your bike
  • The bike mount/dismount line is at the end of the pedestrian path, on Porteous Circle. It is not allowed to ride your bike on the pedestrian path at any time

Bike course detail

  • Course options:
    • 34.5km: One large loop to Old Baseline Rd by Bramalea Rd. and back via Torbram Rd.
    • 50km: One large 34.5km loop and one 16km inner loop by Old School Rd between Torbram and Bramalea.
    • 66km: One large 34.5km loop and two 16km inner loops by Old School Rd between Torbram and Bramalea.
    • 82km: One large 34.5km loop and three 16km inner loops by Old School Rd between Torbram and Bramalea.


Run Course

  • Run start time: All participants are able to start at any point after 8:30am once they are set up and ready
  • Start location: transition area
  • 3km course around Professor’s Lake
  • You can do as many loops of the run course, and may run in either direction. You can even change directions between loops.

Run Course

Example of Simulation Race Distances

  • Sprint Triathlon: 750m swim/34km bike/6km run
  • Olympic Triathlon: 1.5km swim/50km bike/9km run
  • Long Distance Olympic Triathlon: 1.5-2.25km swim/50km bike/9-12km run
  • Sprint Duathlon: 6km run/34km bike/3km run
  • Olympic Duathlon: 9km run/34km bike/6km run
  • Double-Du: 3km run/34km bike/3km run/34km bike/3km run
  • Aquathon: same distances as the tri, without the run at the end
  • Whatever combo you can think of!

What to bring

For the swim:

  • Swim suit or tri suit
  • Wetsuit (optional)
  • Goggles
  • Cap
  • Towel

For the bike:

  • Bike
  • Bike shoes
  • Helmet
  • Hydration (water, elctrolytes) + nutrition (protein bar, gels etc.)  – water and Gatorade will be provided in transition

For the run:

  • Running shoes
  • Cap
  • Race belt
  • Hydration (water, electrolytes) + nutrition (protein bar, gels etc.) – water and Gatorade will be provided in transition

For the transition:

  • Transition mat or towel
  • Puffer/medication etc.

Send us an email to sign up!

May 9th Weekly Update

Member Bio – Paul Blaik

This month we’d like to introduce you to Paul Blaik.

I never did sports in my life period. In June of 2014, the company I own had signed up a team for the 2015 Ride to Conquer Cancer.  At 39 years old and 230 lbs – I decided in honour of my mother who lost her 8 year battle to cancer at Princess Margaret that I would sign up and train for the unimaginable 200km ride to Niagara Falls.  I bought a bike the same day and started riding.  That year training a lot changed… I started losing weight, lots of weight and for the first time in my life I actually looked forward to training.  By September of that year I began running, I ran the 1st KM of my life at 40!  I always knew how to swim, but in my quest to get ready for the Ride to Conquer Cancer I began swimming laps at my gym to cross train.

Through the winter of 2014 I got the crazy idea that I could do a Sprint Triathlon, something unimaginable at that point.  I stumbled on the FMCT website in a quest to find a place to learn to swim in open water!  That’s when things really took off…  I met so many people, people who encouraged me, Irina, Matt, Zindine, Louis, Mellen, etc, etc..  By the time the ride that started my journey actually came to be – I was more than capable of a 200km ride, not only was it an emotional experience, I did the ride, raise a ton of money and was 85 lbs less than the day I bought my bike.  With the support of my family, my new found friends I did a Sprint, a Half Marathon, and 2 olympic triathlons only a year after my journey began.

After 2015 I had high hopes, in a moment of insanity I signed up for Ironman Mont Tremblant, and I’d be lying to say I wasn’t in over my head… but again with the support of club members I trained for almost an entire year, with lots of other B-races along the way and on August 21, 2106 I proved “Anything is Possible!” “I was an Ironman”

I continue to train whenever I can, my kids have all began to get involved, my wife Kathleen has become quite the runner herself…  We try and make race weekend family adventures, packing up the mini-van and hitting the road.  My young kids love supporting their parents crazy adventures and making signs for us, and we love trying to inspire them.

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April 25th Weekly Update

April 18th Weekly Update

April 11th Weekly Update

Member Bio – Paula Guy

This week we’d like to introduce you to Paula Guy.

Paula (age 46) was convinced to joined FMCT by her husband Marc in the spring of 2014. Prior to joining FMCT Paula enjoyed running, and considered swimming and cycling as more of a recreation than a sport. In fact, swimming in any body of water other than a pool terrified her. Although the swim is still Paula’s least favorite segment of the triathlon, she was able to overcome her fear through the training and support of FMCT.

Since joining FMCT Paula has completed a number of triathlons, duathlons and running events, her favorite being the Gravenhurst Sprint Triathlon.

Outside of FMCT Paula is a mother of 3 children and a step mother of 3 children; aged between 13 and 21. She is busy as a senior member of a manufacturing company and in her down time enjoys traveling and red wine.