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Member Bio – Marc Fitzner

This month we’d like to introduce you to Marc Fitzner.

Growing up in Bolton I participated in whatever sports I could. If I wasn’t participating I was watching sports on TV. I loved sports, especially every 4 years when the Olympics rolled around. My Dad was a runner, and as a teenager I often would run with him until my knees told me to stop – those long cortisone needles were brutal! I stopped running for 25 years.

Around 2009 my wife Paula got me running with her. She loved it, I hated it. I started at a 7 minute kilometer! 10 and 1’s. Oh the pain! At that time I was also swimming a few times a week at the Wellness Centre in Brampton and met a guy who had done triathlons. Sounded kind of neat! I only biked casually.
I ended up signing up for a Try-a-Tri in Milton shortly thereafter. First race of the year and the water was freezing. But I did it! Success! A triathlete was born.

More Try-a- Tri’s followed and then Sprints. One race I came out of the water near the front. On the bike people zoomed by me. One girl, as she rode by, commented how good I was doing on my Canadian Tire Raleigh bike. I got the hint.

Eventually I got involved with FMCT around 2013 through introductory seminars – ”Transition practices for beginners”. How to improve times, equipment, techniques, and nutrition. That followed with group activities – bike rides, pool swims, open water swims, simulation days, new friends, and lots to learn.

I have now graduated to the Olympic distance. Super-fast I am not, but I get involved and love it! Thanks FMCT!

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