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Member Bio – David Grummett

This month we’d like to introduce you to David Grummett.

My introduction to triathlon came back in the late 80’s watching Dave Scott & Mark Allen battle in the first Ironman’s. If memory serves me correctly this was pre-sports channels and I was tuning in to ABC Wide World of Sports. At the time, I was a pro racer but in a different venue. My racing involved two wheels, copious quantities of fossil fuel and very high speeds. In motorcycle racing you must be really fit. Most people think you just sit on the bike and twist the throttle. Fact is man handling the bike at high speeds takes a lot of effort. Heart rates typically challenge your aerobic capacity. If you are not in shape and your body lets you down, your mind quickly follows. You can’t afford to let your concentration go at 250 kmh. At 250 kph you cover ¾ of a football field every second or a Try-a Tri swim every 5.7 seconds. It was the 80’s so aerobics was a big part of my training. I ran with friends at lunch & pumped weights. Mountain biking was just starting and I liked to train with handlebars and the similar riding position to my racing. The racing and subsequent crashing (my fastest crash was over 240 kph) would always take its toll on my body so I started swimming. I took an adult learn to swim course to improve my stroke. The pool was good rehab for my battered body and it was right beside the hot tub. Bonus!

In the 90’s kids came along and sadly the racing became too much. I had won one Canadian Championship, 2 Eastern Canada Championships and went to the Worlds in 1988. It was time for a change. The family continued to lead an active lifestyle. We cycled, skied, hiked and rode & raced dirt bikes.

Fast forward 20 or 30 years and my 150 lb race weight had blossomed or should I say bulged to over 220 lbs. If I was 6’2” it would have been manageable but at 5’8” is was a recipe for a heart attack. I had always gone to the gym and played hockey but I really needed to changed my eating habits. I lost some weight and even started to run. My eldest daughter Allison did a Tri and it re-sparked my desire. I always wanted to do a Tri so Allison, my wife Jill and I signed up for the Welland Triathlon. I remember looking at the swim in horror but managed not to drown. My competitive spirit had been rekindled so I googled tri clubs and found FMCT. Strangely I haven’t done another official Tri since but a Sprint or maybe Olympic Distance race is on the plans for 2018. I do love the Thursday night swims and I wish I could do the Tuesday night indoors swims but sadly it’s my hockey night.

I did however run my first half marathon a couple weeks ago, in Ottawa. My son is in the Army so we like to support that event. The race was super-hot and I credit another of my new passions, hot yoga with helping me to finish. With a finish of 2:51 I have lots of room for improvement and incentive to train and shed a few more pounds.

Thanks to all the volunteers at FMCT for making the club a fun place to play.

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