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Member Bio – Robert McCullum

This month we’d like to introduce you to Robert McCullum.

One of the earliest and most joyful childhood memories I have, is of running on the sidewalk and out onto the boulevard grass. Reveling in that sense of freedom and absolute joy. It is still the same for me every time I put on a pair of running shoes.

Running is where it all began for me. As with some or you, I ran track at school and after that life took over and got in the way. Work became the main focus for quite a while. One day however, I was looking through some pictures from work, that had been taken over that past year. I kept seeing this person I did not recognize. I asked one of my colleagues, “Who is this fat guy in all the pictures?”

Upon closer inspection I recognized MYSELF. I had gained almost 100 pounds. I immediately changed my diet and after several months started to run by myself. I was inconsistent so, I went to the Running Room and joined the Learn to Run program. That was 2008. I ran my first 5km run that same year. The following year, I ran my first Half Marathon at Mississauga and my first full Marathon and then another, and another after that. I kept going in 2010 and joined adult swim lessons with City of Brampton. I also joined FMCT that year and signed up for my first Triathlon experience in the relay at Ironman Muskoka 70.3, to do the swim portion only.

Shortly after this time I tore my MCL and kept re-injuring the same knee over and over. It has been a long slow journey back but I have now done 70.3 events in Syracuse in 2016 and Mt. Tremblant in 2017.

Having been away from FMCT for quite a while, my partner Lorraine and I signed up again this past year and I have to say it is great to be back and to see some familiar faces as well as lots of new ones. I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know and train with all of you. For me at least FMCT really feels like home.

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