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February 28th Weekly Update

“Pain is temporary, Quitting is forever.”

What? Wait a minute! At the stroke of midnight it’s going to be MARCH! Rewind…where did January and February go?!
That’s how fast time flies by. Are you ready to race? March has some big races. Are you registered for the Chilly Half? Maybe Around The Bay Road Race? If you aren’t entered we encourage you to go out and cheer on your friends and family. Then tell us all about it!

Upcoming Workouts

Tuesday February 21st
Pool Swim with Matt: 9:15-10:15pm @ Mayfield Rec Ctr
Please go to our shop if you’d like to join a great group of swimmers.

Wednesday February 22nd
Spin With Jade: 7-8:30pm @ 91 Healy Road (Unit 9)
Check the details of this class on our web page.

Thursday February 23rd
Strength With Jade: 8-9pm @ 490 Bramalea Rd (Suite 4B)
Check the details of this class on our web page. Still room and time to join.

Saturday February 25th
Spin with Rob: 8:30-10:30am @ 247 McMurchy Ave S
Class is held by Rob McCue, please contact him directly for questions at bigringfitness@yahoo.com

Hot in the Kitchen FitKitchensick


Brought to you by “Sandra Crowe” Holistic Nutritionist

Uh oh – you’ve caught a cold! You have a big training week ahead of you and need to get rid of it fast! While there is no magic elixir, there are things you can do to lessen the symptoms and shorten the duration. I’ve also added recipes for bone broth and green smoothies, and what supplements can get you back in your running shoes fast!

Click HERE for full article


Stravaunnamed (4)

Looks like we took a little extra recovery this week. Well deserved with all the extra workouts from last week because of the amazing weather.
Challenge a friend this week. Ring someone up and hold each other accountable. Lets see how many more kilometers we can accumulate!




Velodrome – Members In ACTION!

What a great way to shake up and change your indoor winter training.unnamed (8)unnamed (7)
Family Day weekend we had a few members take in some laps at the Velodrome. Louis(Malisani) and Paul (Blaik) riding in style and from the grins on their faces enjoying every minute of it. I think you know where these 2 guys will be if missing from their usual indoor training!
We know Paul will be back to the Velodrome May 13th and 20th as he completes his two night certification process. Good Luck Paul!






unnamed (3)Muscle Up


Let’s keep adding to your equipment free exercise library. (Beginner)

Push Up to Side Plank – Chest
Get into pushup position on the toes with your hands just outside of shoulder width.
Perform a pushup by allowing the elbows to flex. As you descend, keep your body straight.
Do one pushup and as you come up, shift your weight on the left side of the body, twist to the side while bringing the right arm up towards the ceiling in a side plank.
Lower the arm back to the floor for another pushup and then twist to the other side.
Full Video HERE

Muskoka Training Weekend

Held at Clyffe House in Port Stanley. If you have never been to this Club Getaway you are missing out on a really fun weekend. This is not just for adults. The whole family is invited to join in the fun. What to expect:

  • Bike Rides (Various distances)
  • Running (Various distances)
  • Open Water Swimming (Be Brave)
  • Movie Night
  • BBQ’s
  • Ice Cream Outings
  • Fire Pit with Sing-a-longs!

music2 Get out those shower voices!music1

Check-in May 19 after 1PM
Check-out May 22 before 7PM
Kids $75
Adult $180
At the moment we have 7 adults and 4 kids. We need at least 5 more adults to make this weekend happen.

Coach’s Corner questionquestionquestion


Q: I suffered through a series of injuries and personal commitments that had me pretty much out of training for the past year and a bit. In the past if I got injured it was never more than a 6 week layoff and while I found I lost my strength and stamina very quickly, it would also come back very quickly. I’m finally healthy and ready to go again, however, it has been so long I am starting over as if I have never run before. Looking back on what I know I was capable of before (Half Marathons, Marathons, Triathlons) I find it very discouraging when I can barely run 500m today. I find this discouragement to be greater than any motivational tricks I have tried, so I would really like to hear if you have any tips for pushing past this mental block so I can get back in the game. I want to, and I know it will feel great when I finally achieve my goals, however at this point the road just seems impossibly long.

Stay tuned for the answer to this member’s question, coming March 7th in the FMCT Monthly Newsletter.

Calling All VolunteersRun4Hope

Hello everyone,

We are less than two months away from the 13th Annual Run4Hope which will take place on Sunday April 23rd, 2017, 9:00am at Professor’s Lake Recreation Centre in the City of Brampton.

On behalf of this year`s Race Committee we would like to thank you for having assisted us in the past and we are hoping that you will consider once again assisting us this year.

The success of the race really depends upon the support of approximately 50 volunteers who volunteer their time on race day to assist with race registration, handing out water to runners at one of the two water stations, and assisting at one of the many traffic points along the race course.

The majority of the volunteer assignments on race day are from 8:00am to 11:00 am, although if you are assisting with registration you may have to arrive a little earlier.

High School students can use their volunteer duties at the Run4Hope towards the 40 hours of community involvement they are required to complete. (Please bring your forms with you on race day)

The proceeds raised by the Run4Hope go directly towards assisting those in our community. With our charity partner Sky’s the Limit, we have been able to supply a number of laptops to youth involved with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Peel. In addition to Sky’s the Limit, Run4Hope has made donations to assist in School Breakfast Programs and the Knights Table to provide meals and food to the children and adults of Brampton who deal with the daily issues of hunger, poverty and homelessness.

I cannot stress enough that the success of an event like this is dependent upon your support. If you are able to assist on April 23rd, please send an email to billvieira@yahoo.ca.

Thank you.

2017 Run4Hope Race Committee

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