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February 21st 2017 Weekly Update

“Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.”

Whoohoo…I think the 2 out of 3 groundhogs were correct. Two said we’d get an early spring. With this weekends temperatures I think I have to agree with the furry little guys!
I’m sure some of you die hards were out hitting the pavement and probably in shorts. The super die hards, likely took that back trainer wheel off your bike and road OUTSIDE!

Let’s take a look at what’s going on this week.

Coach’s Corner

Ask the coach anything you like. We’ll do our best to provide you with the best knowledge to your question. Don’t be shy, we all ask ourselves; “What/How can I do better?” Perhaps you’ve hit a plateau and need to know how to break it. Need some assistance on how to correct a swim stroke. Ask away! Time to pick the Coach’s brain. Your question will be published along with the Coach’s answer. (Yes, your name can remain anonymous.)

Send all ‘s to:
Subject Line: Coach’s Corner

Upcoming Workouts

Tuesday February 21st
Pool Swim with Matt: 9:15-10:15pm @ Mayfield Rec Ctr
Please go to our shop if you’d like to join a great group of swimmers.

Wednesday February 22nd
Spin With Jade: 7-8:30pm @ 91 Healy Road (Unit 9)
Check the details of this class on our web page.

Thursday February 23rd
Strength With Jade: 8-9pm @ 490 Bramalea Rd (Suite 4B)
Check the details of this class on our web page. Still room and time to join.

Saturday February 25th
Spin with Rob: 8:30-10:30am @ 247 McMurchy Ave S
Class is held by Rob McCue, please contact him directly for questions at bigringfitness@yahoo.com

Toronto International Bike Show

Thinking of buying a new bike? Perhaps you just need a few new accessories.
Coming this March 3-5th, take in 175+ Exhibitors and see what’s new in the world of cycling at the Toronto International Bike Show.

You may just win a 2017 Bianchi Torino

Make it a family outing and let the kids enjoy the “Kids Action Zone” or the “Trillium Trailblazers Youth Area”.
Okay, so you adults want to be a kid too, well you can. Check out “Roller Racing” as D’ornellas Bike Shop presents old school roller racing!
Click HERE for more details and pricing


Looks like we all found a little extra mojo and hit some extra long workouts. Love it when it’s spring temperatures in February.



Sport Medicine                           


The newest rehabilitation tool in the therapist’s tool belt….
The rage is functional, practical, effective and for some aesthetically pleasing with the many colors that it has to offer!!

We have all seen it on professional athletes; especially OLYMPIANS, and we have all wondered what that was!
Now it is popular amongst recreational athletes to help achieve their best results in the sport or activity of their choosing.

“Power Taping utilizes Rocktape as its tape of choice. Rocktape is an American-developed, Korean-made product consisting of flexible cotton and nylon fibers and acrylic adhesive that provides the support, stimulation, and resiliency necessary for rehabilitation, injury prevention, postural support and performance enhancement”.

Continue Reading click HERE

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