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September 13th Weekly Update

Upcoming Workouts

No workouts planned. We are always looking for workout leaders – if you would like to lead a run or ride, just let us know.

Because seriously – it is like second summer out there. Take advantage before the flurries fly!

Strava Results

We might have missed the official calculation by Strava – but Zindine has saved the day by calculating the details for us. (Yay Zin!)


We completed a nice, round 100 logged training activities last week. We were juuuuuust shy of 100 hours – which drives my OCD tenancies bonkers. But, this makes it no less an impressive feat. Well done everyone!

FMCT Uniforms

If you have been checking out the pictures of some of our members and noticed that we have some pretty sweet club gear, and were getting all ‘jelly’ about how you didn’t have any … you might be in luck. Because Dudes and Dudettes – we have a small selection of extra inventory that we would love to hook you up with!

To order, just check that what you want is available, and then go through our online shop to place your order. Here is the list of whaunnamedt we have available:

Men’s sized gear:
Tech Short Sleeve Jersey (L) x 2
Tech Short Sleeve Jersey (M)
Tech Short Sleeve Jersey (S)

CS Edge Short Sleeve Jersey (L)
CS Performance Link Tri Top (L)
CS Cycling Shorts (L)

CS Performance Run Singlet (M)

Women’s sized gear:
Tech Short Sleeve Jersey (M)
Tech Short Sleeve Jersey (S)
CS Performance Link Tri Shorts (L)
Edge Cycling Shorts (L)

And if you really want something not here, don’t fret too much. We will likely be placing another order early next year.

Supported Ride for a Cause

Greg’s Ride – September 25th
This ride is located nearby (Campbellville) and the routes are on some good rural riding roads. This is a great cause, that is likely of interest to folks like us – raising awareness and funds for cycling advocacy.

There are 3 ride distances: The Promenade (15km), The Challenger (60km) and The Ultimate (98km). Your registration includes on-route support and snack stations (yumm!), a hot lunch (double yumm!), beverages from our friends at Steamwhistle (triple yumm!), a participant kit bag of goodies, free on-site parking, and a post-ride yoga session. (This sounds like a lot of spoiling for a tough triathlete/duathlete.) You can check out all about it on their site: Greg’s Ride – Ontario’s Ride for Safer Cycling

Because we love our members, and we happen to have an inside scoop – we have a promo code that should give a nice little discount off your registration cost. Use “20TeamDoug16” and you will save 20%!

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