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September 6th Newsletter

Message from your Executive

September is here – but it sure doesn’t feel like it. With temperatures soaring and humidity high it is more like a second August! Despite the resurgence of warm temperatures, the Triathlon/Duathlon season will soon be coming to a close. We hope you are proud of your accomplishments this year – because we think our club rocked it.


Week of Sept 5th to 11th
Unfortunately it looks like our main workout leaders are busy with back-to-school or other September activities – so there are no workouts planned for this week. If you still have some races in your calendar for this month, don’t forget to do your own training!

Fall & Winter Workouts
The remaining executive (see the announcement below) are working on confirming the programs, but are excited to announce the following planned programs:

Tuesday – Pool Swim (Mayfield Rec Ctr)
Wednesday – Spin Class (Bolton)
Thursday – Strength Class (Brampton)
Saturday – Spin Class (Brampton)
Sunday – Ad-hoc Runs
TBD – Yoga Class (depending on interest)

More details will be sent out soon – but we wanted to get these nuggets of information out to you so you can plan your off-season schedule. If you have specific questions, please send us an email.


Race Spotlight

Ironman Mont Tremblant14067866_10155112923815961_449703535938860633_o
You may recall from our update last week that the Mont Tremblant Ironman happened in August. We had quite a contingent up there “repping” the club. We had 4 guys complete the Ironman, and many more on the sidelines cheering them on. We know that the Ironman distance isn’t for everyone, but for these guys it was a goal that they knew they wanted to achieve. (And it is kind of a big deal.) For that reason we want to give a special shout-out to Matthew P, Zindine S, Louis M and Paul B for their persistence in training, and their courage in cycling through the rain on race-day. We will see if we can convince one of them to write a race report that we can feature on our website.

Most Frequent Racer – August
If you are one of those people who only quickly glances through our race results, you may have missed some pretty impressive results that have been posted this summer. One impressive member that we would like to call out for the month of August is Cesar C. He competed in 3 different Try-a-Tri races in the same month! Not only is this a lot of travel time, but also a significant commitment to training and planning. Especially for someone who just branched out into the Triathlon world this year.
Well done Cesar!

Opening on the Exec

Our Treasurer/Secretary (and persistent email writer) Rebecca M will be ‘retiring’ from her position on the Executive at the end of September to focus on growing her family.

This means we will need to find another person to round out the 3 person Executive. If you are interested in this position (or in volunteering in any other way for the club) please send us an email to let us know.


Who lets me be in charge of things!?!? I missed the cutoff to check our status last week (again). So instead of actual numbers and a pretty status picture I will just say – kudos to everyone who put in great efforts last week. We know that by the end of August it is harder and harder to feel motivated to do your training.

Upcoming Events

TBD – Annual Meeting
TBD – Trial Yoga Class
Sunday – Ad-hoc runs

November (tentative):
Tuesdays – Pool Swim
Wednesday – Spinning
Thursday – Strength
Saturday – Spinning
Sunday – Ad-hoc runs
TBD – Yoga

Race Results

MultiSport Bracebridge – Try-a-Tri
Cesar Centeno – 59:13.7 (2nd in AG)

View Photo: http://www.zoomphoto.ca/viewphoto/19899-110-27688939/1/

Subaru Orillia – Try-a-Tri
Cesar Centeno – 1:05:31.9

Subaru Orillia – Sprint Duathlon
Darryl Wilde – 2:21:15.6 (2nd in AG)

MSC Toronto Island – Try-a-Tri
Emmanuel Aquino – 51:44.8 (2nd in AG)
Megan Grummett – 1:03:14.4

MSC Toronto Island – Sprint Triathlon
Hui-Wen Chen – 2:03:26.3

Ironman Mont Tremblant – Triathlon
Matthew Poole – 9:41:32 (3rd in AG)
Zindine Souiki – 11:19:23
Louis Malisani – 12:12:16
Paul Blaik – 13:00:55

MSC Wasaga Beach – Try-a-Tri
Cesar Centeno – 1:01:59.2 (3rd in AG)

MSC Wasaga Beach – Sprint Tri
Peter Volkes – 1:07:49.3 (1st in AG)
Barb Kishimoto – 1:30:21.8 (1st in AG)
Allison Grummett – 1:48:49.9

MSC Wasaga Beach – Try-a-Tri Swim/Bike
Skye Bowen – 34:28.1 (2nd overall)

Did you finish a race and don’t see your name here? We probably did not know you were racing. Please let us know about all of your upcoming race and we can cheer you on and then celebrate your success by sharing your results


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  1. Emmanuel a says:

    Raymond Gana also participated in Toronto Island Try-a-Tri. His time is 01:01:33. Thank you. 🙂

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