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August 16 Weekly Update

Upcoming Workouts

Wednesday August 17th
Track Speed-work: Cancelled this week
Send us an email if you would like for us to send you a workout to do on your own. The track will still be there (and will likely still be available) if you want to use the awesome cushy rubberized surface.

Photo 2016-08-11, 6 54 02 PMThursday August 18th
Open-Water Swim: 6:30-7:45pm in Professor’s Lake
We are dropping down to a 75 minute swim this week due to the earlier sunset. Our regular paperwork and membership gurus won’t be there – so please bear with the replacements (Rebecca & Carey) as we step in and try not to flub up too badly.
If you are paying by drop-in don’t forget to show up early or stay a bit later to complete your payment.

Post-Swim Run: 7:55-8:30pm around Professor’s Lake
Our group will likely be a bit smaller – but we are still planning on trotting out a running lap. Will you be joining us?

This Weekend
No planned workouts – our main ride leaders are off to Mont Tremblant to challenge themselves at the Ironman (or to cheer or someone who is challenging themselves). You can pop online to track their progress as well on race day – just go to the Ironman website and look for the ‘live coverage’ link.

Good luck to all competing this weekend – whether you are at Mont Tremblant or elsewhere.


We don’t have the pretty picture this week – but we think we grabbed the totals from everyone’s logged workouts in Strava. And we have another great set of results to report.
Another 2020km completed. Well done everyone!

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