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May 31st Weekly Update

Upcoming Workouts

Tuesday May 31st
Pool Swim: 9-10pm @ Mayfield Rec Ctr
This is our last Tuesday pool swim of the season – come out and enjoy some special activities (simulated open water swimming anyone?) Please plan to arrive early so you are ready to jump in the pool at 9pm.

Wednesday June 1st
Track Speed-work: 6:45-8pm @ David Suzuki SS
The heat is supposed to drop a bit, but we are still expecting some warm temperatures. Make sure you bring your hydration and come on out to run in circles with us!

Sunday June 5th
Pool Swim: 7:30-8:30am @ Mayfield Rec Ctr
This swim is part of our Simulation Day event, however you are welcome to come for just the swim if you choose.

Tuesday June 7th
Track Speed-work: 6:45-8pm @ David Suzuki SS
Our track workouts are shifting to Tuesdays as of June 7th.

Simulation Day – Sunday!

Our first Simulation Day of 2016 is nearly upon us – we have been enjoying some great weather recently, and our fingers are crossed that the weather will hold.

Transition Area Opens:
Registration/Sign-in (drop off your bike):
Pool Swim:
Support for the Run/Bike/Run/Bike/…:
Transition Area Closes:
12:15pm (or earlier if all participants are finished)

The cost for the Simulation Day is $5 for members and $8 for non-members. There is an additional $10 fee for members (and $12 for non-members) to access the pool if you are not already signed up for our Pool Swims.

We accept payment for the Sim Day via the FMCT website shop, or you can send us an email to sign up and pay with cash at the event.

Club Notices

Clothing Orderstrava3

We have not yet reached our minimum order threshold to be able to submit to Champion System. If you are interested in adding to your workout wardrobe with some club-branded items, check out our online store and place your order before June 5th (our extended deadline).

Strava Awesomeness
Dudes and Dudettes – you are awesome! Over the last two weeks we logged 136 workouts in Strava, with over 3000 km’s in total distance.
And thos e are only the workouts logged in Strava, we know that there are many more “offline” workouts taking place each day. Congrats to everyone on their workouts.

Muskoka Weekend – What an adventure!unnamed

Story by Irina S.
Unlike the previous years, we decided to choose the May long weekend to book our yearly Muskoka Training trip and therefore have an extra day to enjoy the beauty of the region and each other’s company. And I don’t think we were wrong. Not only we had perfect weather and a lot less bugs than the years before, but we had enough time to train, relax and socialize. We chose two adjacent cottages, the Annex and the Dining Room, so that the families attending could share the space between the cottages and see their children play together. We also took advantage of the shared outdoor space to organize a potluck BBQ and celebrate two birthdays! Happy Birthday once more, Cary and Carey!!

We had 18 people attending, out of which 9 were athletes from our club, training for either the upcoming Muskoka 70.3, an Ironman or shorter races. We all arrived Friday afternoon and quickly settled into our cottages. On Saturday morning, everyone met at Deerhurst resort and completed the Muskoka 70.3 bike loop, well… more or less. A few of us were so into it that we missed the turn on South Portage and ended in Huntsville instead, but made it back to Deerhurst just the same. After finishing the loop, a few brave souls also went out for a quick brick run.

unnamed (1)Back at the cottage, we took the afternoon off to relax and even got in some serious napping time. The more hardcore ones had to go for a swim too, but we won’t name any names. Their frozen smiles said it all, check out our Instagram stream to see it for yourselves. Jokes aside, the lake was cold but totally appropriate for a swim and they all enjoyed the cold therapy for the tired legs. In the evening, we all headed out to Mary’s Lakeside Grill for dinner, a club tradition, and a challenge to the owner who sure had a lot to cook that night to feed so many hungry triathletes.

The next morning, it was long run day, with the exception of one athlete who loved so much the Muskoka loop, he chose to ride it again! The rest of the group ran distances from 6km to 29km, then rallied back to the cottage for the BBQ. SO MUCH FOOD! But we enjoyed every single bite and were happy to share another meal together, like a big happy FMCT family. Eager to burn some of the celebratory calories, a few of our athletes went back for another hour of biking, just to “spin the legs” (is there such a thing in Muskoka??), followed by yet another swim. Apparently the lake had already gotten warmer!unnamed (2)

The evening was spent playing games indoors and carb loading (again!). The laughs didn’t stop, I think the wine had something to do with it. But like good triathletes, we went to bed early enough to avoid a disastrous hangover, because there was even more training in store!! Monday morning, back on our bikes for a “coffee ride” to Baysville. We may not have been hangover, but man did we miss a few turns on our way there, not for the worst since we came across a beautiful bridge and a mean hill with a max incline of 28.6%. Some of us walked it up, others rode up twice because Garmins were not started. If it’s not on Strava it doesn’t count, right?

Eventually we made it to Baysville where we had coffee and treats, and debated who made better mosquito food out of our group. The bugs were so fierce there, we kept our break short and headed back on the road, where the tiredness pushed us to employ a few “Tour de France” tricks to get over the hills. Isn’t this the best proof of camaraderie that you’ve seen? Pure awesomeness.

Back at the cottage we ate more cake and leftovers (in this order) and celebrated with a last hurrah in the lake, an out and back to the Rocky Island to say goodbye. And this concluded our training weekend, wonderful from every perspective.

unnamed (3)

We would like to thank every one of our members and their families who made this time a great bonding experience, where we shared the joy and challenge of triathlon training. We hope that everyone had a great time and will see you again next year!

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