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January 12 Weekly Update

Upcoming Workouts

Tuesday January 12th
Pool Swim: No swim this week. Pool is closed for repairs.

Wednesday January 13th

Spin Class: 7-9pm @ South Fletchers (Craft Room)
Come on out for an evening of tunes and spinning.
Our spin-tastic coach Matt is there to lead you through a fun session that also gets you ready for the season. There are still drop-in spots available – come and check it out!

Thursday January 14th
Strength Class: 8-9pm @ 490 Bramalea Rd (Suite 4B)
There are still a few ‘full-time’ spots left and drop-in’s are also an option. You can sign up by contacting Jade at info@ironchicfitness.ca

Saturday January 16th
Spin Class: 8:30-10:30am @ 247 McMurchy Ave S
This class is led by Rob McCue of Big Ring Fitness, he can be contacted at bigringfitness@yahoo.com

Sunday January 17th
Group Run: None Planned
Let us know if you would like to lead a run (or have people join you) and we can share the details with the group.

Tuesday January 19th
Pool Swim: 9-10pm @ Mayfield Rec Ctr
Workout and coaching is provided!
We strongly request that you show up early to get changed and be on-deck ready to swim by 9pm. Lanes are aligned based on those on-deck at the start of the workout.

Club Announcements

Strength Class with Jade

We will be holding a second installment of Jade’s popular Strength class. Are you as excited as we are?

Classes will start on Thursday February 18th and run to May 12th – 12 sessions. (Please note the correction – last week we posted the wrong class end-date).
This class will be $85 for the full 12 sessions (if we do not meet minimum participation numbers the price could increase). If you are interested please contact Jade directly to reserve your spot. (Jade – info@ironchicfitness.ca)

100-Day Run Challenge

Thank you to everyone who has signed up – it is exciting to see what everyone is up to, and encouraging to know that I am not the only one out there slogging through the miles.
For those who are looking for a fun way to find motivation for their runs this winter – here is a quick reminder of the rules:
– Run must be at least 30 minutes long to be eligible to be counted.
– Runs must be on the road or a treadmill (pool running & ellipticals do not count for this challenge).
– If you run twice in one day, as long as one of the runs is at least 30 minutes, you can add the time and distance of the two runs together in the log.

If you have any questions, or are looking to sign up, just send us an email.

Muskoka Training Weekend

You might find it hard to think about summer training during the cold and snowy weather – but we are moving ahead with our planning for the summer season already, and you should too!

We are tentatively looking at the May long weekend (20th – 23rd) to give everyone an extra day of enjoyment. If you are interested in joining us, please let us know.

Other Announcements

Winterlude Triathlon

Do you love running and skiing? If so – you may be interested to learn about the event being held on January 30th in Ottawa.This fun and challenging event is just one of the activities that take place over the span of 2 full weeks in the annual celebration of winter. If you are interested – you can check out the Winterlude Triathlon website or the Winterlude website for more details.

Muskoka Full Ironman

There were a few FMCT members who did the double challenge last year and completed both the half and full IM up on the Muskoka course. Unfortunately it looks like the participation was not enough to support future years of holding the full IM in Muskoka. You can read the news report on the Triathlon Magazine website.

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