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Around the World Participation Challenge

Between May 4th and September 13 2015, our club will take on an exciting challenge – attempt circling the Earth by combining the mileage of our members’ workouts. Here you can track our progress as we swim, bike, run, or use the elliptical machine. Along the way, we will share “postcards” and fun facts from the places that we go through, and we hope to inspire our readers to share stories and personal memories from some of these places, if they visited them in less virtually.

Who’s with us? Drop us a line and join in the fun!

Map of our progress [best viewed in Chrome or Safari]

Week 1

  • Participants: 8
  • Distance: 533.31km
  • Cities visited: Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Syracuse

We left from our home city, Brampton (ON) and made our way towards Niagara Falls, because it’s more fun and the view is pretty incredible. Then we crossed the border into the US and we took the direction of Buffalo and Syracuse, finally stopping in Amsterdam (the US version).


Did you know?

On June 15, the high-wire artist Nik Wallenda successfully completed the tightrope walk across the falls, crossing from the US into Canada in 25min. Check out this article with video and photos from the event.

Week 2

Because the first week was rather slow, we knew that we needed more participants to have a shot at going around the world. However, even with double the participants, we also would have needed at least 2000km a week to make steady progress by sea and land. So in the second week we had to make the decision to fly across the Atlantic ocean and not to worry about fighting the sharks and getting sea sick.

  • Participants: 10
  • Distance: 1807.7km
  • Cities visited: Albany, Boston, Casablanca, Rabat, Gibraltar, Seville, Madrid, Jaca