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March 14 Weekly Update

“Not all Athletes Wear Shoes”

We were just talking ground hog predictions not too long ago. I’m so confused along with the rest of you as to what season we are actually in. Let’s cross our fingers that this will be the last of the Winter Storms mother nature has planned for us.

It’s Spring break and time to check out what’s going on in and around us. Perhaps you’ll take in the Toronto Home Show. Get some ideas of summer projects to do around the house. We can’t just train all the time. I’m sure the “honey to do lists” are getting bigger by the minute.

Perhaps you’re off to a sun destination with the family. Getting in that one last holiday. Toes in the sand, warm sun on your face and no electronics!

Wherever your travels take you this week…enjoy the family time and be safe!

Upcoming Workouts

Tuesday March 14th
Pool Swim with Matt: 9:15-10:15pm @ Mayfield Rec Ctr
Please go to our shop if you’d like to join a great group of swimmers.
**Coach Matt will not be at swim. Irina will be on deck to distribute the workouts.

Wednesday March 15th
Spin with Jade: 7-8:30pm @ 91 Healey Road (Unit 9)

Thursday March 16th
Strength with Jade: 8-9pm @ 490 Bramalea Rd (Suite 4B)

Saturday March 18th
Spin with Rob: 8:30-10:30am @ 247 McMurchy Ave S
Class is held by Rob McCue, please contact him directly for questions at bigringfitness@yahoo.com

Hot in the Kitchen

Brought to you by “Sandra Crowe” Holistic Nutritionist 

Did you know that being lighter will help you be faster and make your triathlon easier.
Are you hoping as you increase your training you will have the added benefit of weight loss. Training over the winter months with those few extra pounds offers you an edge as you gear up for racing, but now it’s time to shed them.

Not sure what you should eat to make that happen?
Need support to help you reach those goals?

Fit Kitchen Nutrition is running a 12 Week program, beginning April 3, and is offering $50 off to members of FMCT.

This program includes a one hour private consultation with a registered nutritionist to design your personalized plan. Then 11 weeks of live webinars, covering topics such as “Good carbs-bad carbs” “Healthy Eating on the go” “Supplements 101” and “Exercise and Nutrition”.
All this for only $150, tax included!

The special offer for FMTC is only valid until March 24, so don’t delay!
Visit HERE Or call Sandra at 416-880-1589 to book with the FMCT discount.


Keep your chin up folks. Only 1 more week away till we officially hit Spring but until then, it might just be a full week of indoor training for all of us.




Muscle Up

Breakdancer. Yes, you read that correctly. This abdominal exercise might just make you feel like you are back on the dance floor. I’d say pump up the jam, okay music and give this one a try. (Intermediate)
Bend down so that your hands are on the ground and your feet hip-distance a part. Your shoulders should be stacked over your wrists, your knees bent to 90 degrees, your back flat, and abs engaged. This will be your starting position.
Lift one hand off the ground and bring your opposite foot off the floor. Rotate your hips as you bring your leg through kicking it out to the opposite side.
Rotate your hips back and kick your opposite foot through while switching hand placement on the ground.
Repeat for the recommended number of repetitions.
Full Video Click HERE


So many of us are short on time. With family, work and other commitments, we sometimes don’t have more than 30 minutes to get in a workout. Check out Bicycling.com and read up on 4 great ways to get in that workout!
Now we have no EXCUSES!

4 – 30 Minute Workouts When You’re In a Time Crunch
1. Go for a run
2. 30 Minutes of Sweet Spot Work
3. Plyos and Sprints
4. 1 x 1 Intervals

Click HERE to read up on all four workouts.


Bike Maintenance

How to get your bike really clean. Check out this article from Canadian Cycle Magazine. These few tips could save you lots of money in future repairs.

Remember to show your bike some LOVE!
Tools and techniques that will turn your grubby machine pristine.
Click HERE




“Roga”Affichage de  en cours

…When you can’t decide between a Rest Day or Yoga.


Have a great Week Everyone!




March 7th Newsletter

Message from your Executive

Can you believe we are in March already! Spring is around the corner, so is the renewal of your FMCT membership. The team is hard at work organizing the coming season. We are finalizing the details for the open water swim season as well as the simulation days we would like to offer. Stay tuned. As always we love to hear from our members. Now is the time to speak up if you’d like us to do something differently.
Happy training!


Tuesday March 7th
Pool Swim with Matt: 9:15-10:15pm @ Mayfield Rec Ctr
Please go to our shop if you’d like to join a great group of swimmers.

Wednesday March 8th
Spin With Jade: 7-8:30pm @ 91 Healy Road (Unit 9)
Check the details of this class on our web page.

Thursday March 9th
Strength With Jade: 8-9pm @ 490 Bramalea Rd (Suite 4B)
Check the details of this class on our web page. Still room and time to join.

Saturday March 11th
Spin with Rob: 8:30-10:30am @ 247 McMurchy Ave S
Class is held by Rob McCue, please contact him directly for questions at bigringfitness@yahoo.com


Muskoka Training Weekend

There is not enough interest this year. The weekend is canceled.

StravaStrava Weekly Update

Come on winter, it’s time for you to leave us alone so we can start having more fun outdoor. Who’s looking forward to our first group ride?





Member Bio

It can be a challenge to make it out to all club events and training. So what better way to meet and learn about our members than through our newsletters.
This week we’d like to introduce you to Paula Guy.

Paula (age 46) was convinced to joined FMCT by her husband Marc in the spring of 2014. Prior to joining FMCT Paula enjoyed running, and considered swimming and cycling as more of a recreation than a sport. In fact, swimming in any body of water other than a pool terrified her. Although the swim is still Paula’s least favorite segment of the triathlon, she was able to overcome her fear through the training and support of FMCT.

Since joining FMCT Paula has completed a number of triathlons, duathlons and running events, her favorite being the Gravenhurst Sprint Triathlon.
Outside of FMCT Paula is a mother of 3 children and a step mother of 3 children; aged between 13 and 21. She is busy as a senior member of a manufacturing company and in her down time enjoys traveling and red wine.

Coach’s Corner

Q: I suffered through a series of injuries and personal commitments that had me pretty much out of training for the past year and a bit. In the past if I got injured it was never more than a 6 week layoff and while I found I lost my strength and stamina very quickly, it would also come back very quickly. I’m finally healthy and ready to go again, however, it has been so long I am starting over as if I have never run before. Looking back on what I know I was capable of before (Half Marathons, Marathons, Triathlons) I find it very discouraging when I can barely run 500m today. I find this discouragement to be greater than any motivational tricks I have tried, so I would really like to hear if you have any tips for pushing past this mental block so I can get back in the game. I want to, and I know it will feel great when I finally achieve my goals, however at this point the road just seems impossibly long.

A:Thank you for your question. It is very relatable on so many levels.
I believe that there are many, and some within our club whom have found themselves in a situation very similar to yours.
Take a deep breath and know that you definitely will be back to your old self again. Running those Half and Full Marathons plus a whole lot more. Patience will be key. Being off for 6 weeks is completely different than 12+ months. The body will take a little more time to bounce back. The last thing you want to do is get into the crazy “2’s” – too much, too fast, too soon. So have a realistic training plan.
During large gaps from physical activity it becomes super important to start with smaller goals. 1-3 months. Celebrate each of them when completed no matter how small. Remember, you worked hard to achieve them! Each set of goals will require new mantra’s. I think you are familiar with this as I read above. Something that is going to strike that inner fire within you to keep pushing no matter how hard, daunting or however dark a place you are in when training gets tough.
Don’t underestimate a support system. Surrounding yourself and train with others who lift you up, that will hold you accountable, push you past your limits, motivate you and celebrate all achievements big and small.
In summary, be patient with your body, have a realistic training plan, set realistic small attainable goals, find more than one mantra for each set of goals, surround yourself with a great support system and don’t train alone. Keep your training fun and add in a few short races to further see your improvements.
Remember to believe in yourself because we believe in you.